Tyler Smith

About Us

Tyler Smith, founder, and owner of Smith & Smith Home Inspections grew up in Lebanon, TN before he moved to Murfreesboro TN, in 1994. He is a Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) graduate who utilizes his skills and knowledge to carry out professional home inspections in Murfreesboro TN. Tyler gained an interest in home inspections firsthand from his father, who was in the roofing business, for most of his life.

After graduating, he began to learn all aspects of building, framing and remodeling from a fourth-generation contractor that owned a construction company based out of Manchester.

Tyler later studied and became a certified, licensed home inspector. He began his home inspection business in 2017. He understands that purchasing a home is a considerable investment that demands serious efforts from the home-buyer. Thus, he alleviates the hassle of the process by doing everything in his power to prepare the customers for one of the most challenging investment endeavors.

When Tyler inspects your home, you can be sure that the inspection report will be dependable, attentive, and professional. As a licensed home inspector, he uses his home remodeling and troubleshooting skills to help potential buyers understand their new investment. He goes above and beyond to offer his customers a superior home inspection experience that will create trust and a good understanding of a home.

With our strong background in building and construction, we understand the importance of inspecting every area of your home before making that critical investment. With many years of experience under our belt, we can spot where problems hide and originate in your home. With our professional home inspection services, you can expect superior customer service to eliminate unwanted surprises with a thorough and accurate inspection report.

If you choose Smith & Smith as your home inspector, you will obtain every bit of our training, experience, and knowledge at every inspection we conduct, and we will give you the best inspection experience. At Smith & Smith Home Inspections, we take time to inspect your home accurately and thoroughly to help you make an informed buying decision. We proudly offer top-rated home inspection services to Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Lebanon, Shelbyville, Manchester, McMinnville, Tullahoma, Woodbury, Columbia, Nashville, and All Middle Tennessee.

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