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Home Inspections Electrical

Home inspections electrical can incorporate a thermal imaging camera to accompany an electrical systems inspection. Components in electrical systems almost always overheat before they fail, problem areas are more easily and safely found when viewed through an IR (infrared) camera. Thermal imaging allows apparent temperatures to be seen as gradient colors, with hotter spots displayed […]

Home Inspections Mold

Mold is variety of microscopic organisms that require a food source and moisture for growth. When both are present, mold grow quickly and keep producing. Mold grows when there is too much moisture in your home. One of the most common reasons being that water is entering the house because something is failing. It could […]

Home Inspections Deck

Home Inspections Deck: more than 2 million decks are built and replaced each year in North America.  InterNACHI estimates that of the 45 million existing decks, only 40% are completely safe. Because decks appear to be simple to build, many people do not realize that decks are, in fact, structures that need to be designed […]

Home Inspections Report: What to Focus On

Are You Buying a Home? The process can be stressful. A home inspections report is supposed to give you peace of mind. Although, depending on the findings, it may have the opposite effect. You will be asked to comprehend a lot of information over a short period of time.  Your inspection will entail a written […]

Home Exterior Inspections Brick Veneer

The brick may be the best exterior cladding material ever designed. After all, what other cladding offers a 100-year warranty, is recyclable, requires low maintenance, is made from common green materials, provides excellent fire protection, and more? Like all other building material, bricks will perform as intended only if installed as required by industry standards. […]